From Cumorah's Hill
The Book of Mormon Speaks to Our Day

music & lyrics by Steven Kapp Perry, script by Brad Wilcox


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1. Overture

2. From Cumorah's Hill/From the Dust (interlude)
Intro. to Book of Mormon, Moroni 10:27-29
Isaiah 29:4, Ezekiel 37:15-20

Long were the shadows,
Deep was the chill of starless night.
Great the confusion
Now ages long upon the land.

Hushed were the voices,
Silent the witness of the past.
Timeless the record
Hidden between the earth and stone.

Tender the prophet
Brought to the hillside,
Drawn by a vision bright.

Breathless the moment
When the stone was opened,
Lifting the truth to the light!

From Cumorah's hill there comes
A witness and a warning.
Out of darkness shines at last
The welcome light of morning!

Now are the stick of
Joseph and Judah one in hand;
How plain and precious
Now is the gospel of the Lamb!

Read from its pages,
Drink from the fountain,
Feast on the words of Christ

Saved through the ages
For this dispensation.
Piercing the clouds of the night!

CHORUS (repeat)

Ancient voices crying from the dust!
God remembers yet His covenant!
In the latter days He speaks to us
From Cumorah's hill . . .

CHORUS (repeat)

From Cumorah's hill!

3. What Can They Have to Say
Mormon 8:12, 34-35
Soloist: Roger Hoffman

I am a child of the modern age,
I am a son of the present hour.
What can these words from so long ago
Mean to me now?

What can they have to say to me?
We live so differently today.
What can they have to offer me?
They lived so far from me;
So many years away.
What can they have to say?

We are the prophets, years gone by.
We spent our days, we gave our lives
For a record which was written not for us,
But for you. And every word is true.

Each word chosen prayerfully,
Laid down carefully in its place.
For here, from so far away,
We have seen your day
And we pray;
Hear what we have to say!

(parts sung separately, then together)

Hear what we have to say to you.

4. Great Things and Small Things
I Nephi 17:50-51

To move a mountain,
To make the sea become dry land.
To cross an ocean,
To build a ship upon the sand.

Such things I could do
If the Lord should command,
But the Lord has commanded me

To love a neighbor,
And to forgive when I am wronged.
To keep a promise,
To have my word become my bond.

How simple and small
Are the things He has asked,
Are the things He has asked of me.

Great things and small things,
I can do all things,
All that the Lord may require.
Though the world may assail me,
God will not fail me.
He will remain by my side.
Whether He asks for the great
Or the small.
I can do them all!

He gave us weakness
And yet He calls us to obey.
And so He teaches
That we must call on Him for strength.

And such is the love
That the Father extends;
What we pray for in faith, He sends.

CHORUS (repeat)

And through the small things
Will come the greatest things of all.

5. The Power of God
Alma 30
Soloist: Johanne Perry

Listen to the wind blow,
Lonely as a sigh.
Nothing overhead but empty sky.
Look up at starlight
On a dark night;
Are we all alone,
An island in space?
Or is there a plan
Where I have a place?

Could it be that heaven
Is man's imagining,
Reaching out for hope in childish dreams?
Stories so old then,
We've outgrown them?
Has God gone away
Or hidden His face?
Have miracles ceased to be?

But the power of God is plain to see,
There are wonders on every hand
To those who will see through eyes of faith,
Beyond the mind of man.

For how could we hope
To see His face,
Who never could see
His hand?

Some may see a rainbow
As nothing more than light.
Others see a promise and a sign.
Everyday wonders
Without number
Are here all around
And wait to be found
By those who have eyes to see.

CHORUS (repeat)

Listen to the wind blow,
Then listen once again.

6. A Mighty Change (interlude)

7. Born of God
Mosiah 27 & Alma 36
Soloist: Nancy Baumgartner

How could I change?
How I had tried.
How I had failed
Time after time.
Needing a strength
More than my own,
Leaving my faith
In God, alone.

How I had prayed
Seeking for peace,
How could I change?
How could I be

Born of God, born of God,
A new creation as at first.
Born of God, praising God
For the wonder of a second birth.

Seeing the past--
How wrong I was.
Saying at last,
"Thy will be done."
There was no voice,
No shaking earth,
No wond'rous light
At my rebirth.

Only a sigh
Marking the change,
Only forgiveness
Calling my name.

CHORUS (repeat)

O Jesus, thou Son of God,
Have mercy on me!
And remember my sins no more
And may my spirit be

Born of God, born of God,
A new creation as at first.
Born of God, praising God
For the One who came to give us second birth.

8. On the Morrow (interlude)

9. Who Will Wait
III Nephi 1, & Mosiah 27:31

Who will wait for the Savior,
Who will watch for His coming?
Who will wait for the thunder,
Who will watch for the lightning?

Who shall fear at His coming,
Who shall run when the trumpet sounds?
Who will wish for the mountains to fall
and cover their sin?

Who will rise to meet Him,
Who delights to greet Him?
Who will join with the stars of the morning
dancing for joy?

Who will shout in anguish,
Who will cry in agony?
Who will shake with dread in the presence
of the Lord?

Who will shout Hallelujah!
On their knees before Him?
Who will come to behold and adore Him
when at last He comes?

For the sign has been given
And the time is at hand
When all men shall see God.
Every knee shall bow,
Every tongue confess
That Christ is come as Lord and King!

Who will wait for the Savior,
Who will watch for His coming?
Who will wait for the Savior?

10. I Never Stand Alone
Mormon 8:1-12, & Moroni 1
Soloist: Steven Kapp Perry

Alone I stand,
While all the world around me
Surrounds me
And takes me for a fool.
But I am not
The first to be regarded
As weak and simple-hearted
For choosing to believe

That He keeps watch over His own.

I never stand alone
When I stand with God
And I stand with His prophets.
Wherever I may go,
When I stand with God
I never stand alone.

And so it is
My heart has been befriended,
By those who,ve gone before.

Who call to me
Like distant rolling thunder,
"You cannot be outnumbered!
You,re standing with the Lord."

And He keeps watch over His own.

CHORUS (repeat)

I stand with Nephi and Moroni,
With Abinadi, who testified in flames!
With saints through the ages,
Stalwart and faithful,
Leading me, telling me . . .

CHORUS (repeat)

11. Cumorah (reprise)
Soloist: Roger Hoffman

I am a child of the present hour
And yet the past is calling out
To me now . . .


From Cumorah's hill there comes
A witness and a warning.
Out of darkness shines at last
The welcome light of morning!

From Cumorah's hill!

"From Cumorah's Hill" is a musical presentation for chorus, soloists and readers.
Piano/Vocal songbook--including script by Brad Wilcox--as well as instrumental
performance tracks are available from Prime Recordings 1-800-377-6788.

Copyright © 1990 Steven Kapp Perry, used by permission, all rights reserved


Soprano: Felicia Sorensen, Tammy Simister Robinson;
Alto: Nancy Baumgartner, Johanne Fréchette Perry;
Tenor: Scott Pickard, Roger Hoffman;
Bass: Mark G. Child, Steve Meredith

Violin: Beverly Hansen, Barbara Williams, Percy Kalt, Meredith Campbell, Natalie Reed, Cynthia Richards
Viola: Gwen Thornton, Leslie Blackburn
Cello: Ellen Bridger, Frances Bach
Bass: Don Bassinger
Flute: Sally Humphreys, Jane Morrison
Oboe: Holly Gornik
Clarinet: Russell Harlow
Trumpet: Ed Gornik, Brett Jackson
Horn: Bill Barnewitz, Sue Hudson
Trombone: Steve Kamilos, Russ McKenney
Keyboards: Brett Raymond, Vince Frates
Guitar: Michael Dowdle
Percussion: Kenny Hodges

Produced for Prime Recordings by Steven Kapp Perry
Orchestra arranged and conducted by Greg Hansen
Choir arrangements by Steven Kapp Perry and Greg Hansen
Recorded and mixed by Guy Randle at Rosewood Recording Co.
Graphic design by John D. Perry

"Moroni Burying the Plates" by Tom Lovell
copyright © LDS Church. Used by permission.

All songs © 1990 Steven Kapp Perry, BMI

Thanks to Brad Wilcox for his influence on the songs, as well as the script; to Greg Hansen for his sensitive orchestration and the beautiful interludes; and especially to Douglas C. and Janice Kapp Perry for believing in this project. -SKP

"And again, what do we hear? Glad tidings from Cumorah!"
-Joseph Smith, D&C 128:20

"The Book of Mormon... was written for our day. The Nephites never had the book; neither did the Lamanites of ancient times. It was meant for us." -President Ezra Taft Benson
(A Witness and a Warning, Deseret Book, 1988, p. 19)

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